June 20, 2016

About Rising Tide

boat liftingThe mission of the Rising Tide initiative is to provide at-risk communities with the tools they need to design and build a successful economic framework. It supports vibrant, thriving communities to attract business investment and talent by creating a sustainable path toward economic stability and growth.

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Talent Investment Agency, and Michigan State Housing Development Authority–collectively, the Talent and Economic Development (TED) team–have committed their assets to engaging specific communities across the state in order to empower them to shape their future and maximize economic potential. One community in each of the ten Michigan Prosperity Regions was selected using the following data, cross-matched by population: poverty, unemployment, labor participation, renter occupancy, vacancy, households receiving assistance.

MEDC’s Redevelopment Ready Communities program provided the initial mechanism to develop and support the Rising Tide platform in each of the ten communities. The communities have developed an Action Strategy outlining tasks, ownership, and deliverables to take place over the course of 9-12 months. The TED team’s support continues throughout the implementation phase, offering capacity supplementation, program advice, and expertise from a team of consultants selected for their successful experience with Michigan redevelopment projects.

The implementation approach centers on building capacity within the Rising Tide communities. The indicators used to select project participants also show a shortfall between communities’ needs and their resources, so one goal of the project is to leverage this temporary additional capacity into a long-term increase. This website represents a key piece of that strategy by offering the communities a forum for sharing information, challenges, and successes so that they may build on each others’ experiences. It also offers a model that can be scaled down and used within communities to foster the collaboration and partnerships that are strong and frequent features in each of the Action Strategies.